This page is dedicated to the late Ike Ritter,who played lead guitar with the Jubal Clark band for a while in the early eighties. This page is also dedicated to Gary Wayne Albert who also played guitar with the band a few times.He has also passed away.



Jubal tried several times to work with a drummer but was unhappy with the results until he met Ray Ryan. Ray,(a great drummer of many styles),was able to adapt to Jubal`s eccentric rhythms and stayed with him for almost 20 years. Don Ray Houdyshell,a well known keyboardist in the Austin area played keyboards with Jubal in a duo and in all of the various incarnations of the band,and knew Jubal from the late sixties ,when they both lived in Amarillo,until he died. I feel these two were responsible for helping Jubal's music improve and expand creatively and they kept him going for years with their support and talent. One of the first"Jubal Clark"bands to become well known in the Austin area was with Ray,Don Ray,and a guy named Scott Shepple on bass guitar,and Greg Kessel on lead guitar and vocals.It was Greg that accidently invented the first bean blowout on Jubal Land. This is the band(minus Don),that went to New York,and they were well received at the Lone Star Cafe and getting exposure but Jubal went home and a little while after that Scott Shepple left and Greg soon moved away.In the early eighties Doug Doty became the new bass player and played with Jubal longer than any other bass player.He also provided vocals. George Coyne played lead with the band at several Willie Nelson pic-nics and stayed in the band for years and brought a tastefull blues sound to the group,He came and played Jubal's last show in 1996.He also runs Parrot Tracks Studio. Ted cobb was Jubal's rhythm guitarist and harmony singer for a few years and he helped enhance the bands sound for the time he was in the group.He also moved from the Austin area. Rev.Doug Anderson played harmonica in this line up and was on many recordings and live shows with Jubal. Jubal began to add more instruments to the group. Rusty Swanson was added on fiddle and had played with Jubal on many shows ,adding a real country flavor to the group. This was the line-up that existed when I first played with the group at South Park Meadows in 1985.It was a powerful sounding group which went over well with the crowd.


The Band

Don Ray Houdyshell-keyboardS

Ray Ryan-drums

Doug Doty-bass and vocals

Rev. Doug Anderson-harmonica

Rusty Swanson-fiddle

George Coyne-lead guitar

Ted Cobb-rhythm guitar-harmony

Scott Shepple-Bass

Ike Ritter-lead guitar

Bill McIntosh -lead guitar

Rio Colton -harmonica

Greg Kessel -lead guitar-vocals

Lost John Casner-Guitar-Keyboards-Vocals(producer of Jubal's...1st C.D.)



I'm certain there were many people who played many gigs in the group.Contact us.There are many Jubal tales to tell.Also share your photos and tapes.Thanks guys,he loved you all and appreciated your help.

Lost John Casner,local producer and musician was with Jubal on and off over the years,playing guitar and keyboards.He also produced Jubal's first C.D.,and was instrumental in organizing tributes and benefits for Jubal before and after he died.

Kerry Lee,a local multi-talented musician played bass on many occasions with Jubal.

Stanley Clark(Jubal's oldest son),played in an early version of the Jubal band,around 1977-1979, along with Scott McDonald and many others.I'm still researching info on this early group,which sometimes featured Will Walker.

These guys played in various bands in Austin and some left, some came back.Some were sucessfull in their own groups,but gave up paying gigs to play in the Jubal band. It was never a full time band,and I'm sure I left out members who played several gigs with Jubal.

This is the Jubal Clark band coalition and various band members will speak to us from time to time about Jubal's life and band experiences and to let us know what they are up to. On many occasions Jubal used pick-up bands or bands available at a certain venue.Such was the case at Farm Aid 2,when they wouldn't let Jubal use his own band and he had to use one that was provided for him as the real band stood by.

Bill McIntosh took over on lead for a while in the early nineties adding a fresh and exciting edge to the group. Also Jubal's longtime friend Rio Colton came into the group to play shows over the years,on harmonica and was the last person to sing with Jubal a few days before Jubal died.