....The purpose of the Jubal Clark Archives and Museum....

l. To help preserve the music and memory of Jubal Clark as he requested.

2. To release limited edition C.D.s of rare and interesting recordings,with profits going into the tranfering of decaying tapes into digital.

3. To introduce Jubals work to new fans,via video and audio tapes and C.D.s that we feel best represent him

4. To paste silver glitter on Jubal's old car.

5. To donate brine to the local brine mueseum.

6. To purchase the Alamo,and reassemble it upsidedown in the Carlsbad Caverns

7. To design the ultimate teddybear eyeball.

8. To fool everyone and sue myself.

9. To make a snowman out of twenty pounds of raw sausage for the neighbors.


We have an extensive collection of video/audio tapes from over 20 years of various projects. So far people have donated their tapes,videos,posters and photos to our collection.Thank you. We request all tape horders and collectors to send in copies or originals to the collection for the benefit of everyone. They will be digitalized and returned.


The sound quality in this "Jubal Archives Series", will very from bootleg to exellent quality,[LIKE SOME OF JUBAL'S FRIENDS]and will include rehearsal tapes,live board mixes,demo tapes,studio tracks,out-takes, and video soundtracks from many sources.

All tracks are processed by filtering,mixing and equalizing them onto disc in our little C.D. factory at Jubal Headquarters.

We feel these discs will reveal how Jubal sounded live mistakes and all,in various bands,or solo and also reveal his musical and lyrical talent,sometimes found in his lesser known songs.

Of all the people who have covered Jubal Clark's songs Jubal told me he thought Bracken Hale kept his versions of Jubal's songs closest to the original arrangements and Jubal liked the original songs that Bracken came up with as well. However Jubal didn't mind people jazzing his songs up a bit as long as the words were intact and Jubal got credit so anyone interested in doing Jubal's songs on their C.D. contact us to see if we can help.


This is the official Web Site for Jubal Clark.We are his family. His band members and friends will be speaking to us here on this Web Site.This Site will have links to other band members and friends of Jubal.Jubal is not associated with any other label or company,except for the "Gypsy Cowboy"C.D., produced by Lost John Casner. All photo's of Jubal's image belong to the photographer's,or the JUBAL CLARK ESTATE. How Jubal wanted his music and image to be handled after he died was explained in detail to Jubal's sons in Jubal's will and we plan to honor his wishes as written.And we hope to have a little fun as we Jubal-ate in the days to come. Jubal chose his family to oversee his music business,and signed with no one,other than Willy Nelson's publishing company back in 1975 and with Warner Chappell on several songs.

Jubal is not associated with "Glenn Ford"or the fifties movie"Jubal".His name was not spelled Jewbull or Tubal. Jubal is not associated with"Low Platitude"productions.Jubal's songs are copyrighted and Jubal appears exclusively on Jubaland Records.Jubal's music is published by Jubal Clark Songs p&c.

Many people helped Jubal attain success in the music business... but Jubal was his own best promoter in his.short strange career.He reinvented himself,taught himself to play guitar and to write songs in an original way,and in his mid-forties started performing and within 2 years had established himself as a local celebrity in Austin and became very influentual in the careers of many struggling musicians.He won a songwriters award at the Kerrville Folk Festival,was in several movies,yet never attained the financial rewards or recognition he deserved. On the other hand Jubal was an extreme drinker at times,not unlike Hank Williams or Jim Morrison and sometimes couldn't function,sometimes embarrassing the band or sabotaging his own progress.

In spite of his struggles with drinking he always had a good heart and creative mind and seemed to bounce back every time and never seemed to lose an interest in writing songs.

When he came down with cancer and began to reassess his life and career,he began writing new songs in a new direction,most of which have never been heard by the public.

Jubal played many benefits for M.S,and various charities in Austin

over the years and many benefits were held for Jubal because of the kindness of the local artists,fans and friends. Thats how it is in the Austin music scene.

..........Concerning Calvin Russell.....................

I would like to take this opportunity to thank "Calvin Russell" for covering Jubal's songs"White Rails","Love Stealer",and"Jubal's

Unfinished Fifth" ,which is also known as "The 'Nine Ball Song"

He still performs Jubal Clark songs around the world and is doing well over in France.Our association with Calvin Russell and with Warner Chappell has so far,been a pleasant one. We consider Calvin a friend and a big help in Jubal's career,and hope he decides to do some more Jubal Clark songs. Calvin is a good songwriter on his own yet has covered other Texas artist's material that otherwise may not have been heard around the world if not for him,so thanks Calvin.