Jubal Clark (songwriter, singer, actor and entertainer), was a man who emerged on the Austin music scene back in 1974. He had been writing songs for years and working as a carpenter, but decided to try to sell some songs he had been working on to some of the local performers. He became Jubal that year. He had been a writer and sold a few stories before but now he focused on writing songs day and night. He was born as J.B.Clark in west Texas, to a poor farming family in Crosby county Texas on Saint Patrick's Day 1929. His grandfathers name was Joeseph Bradford and went by the nickname J.B.and although J.B.Clark was named after his grandfather, he was given an initial name of J.B.which stood for nothing in his case. Initial names were common in those times and all through his life Jubal had to explain over and over that his initials stood for nothing. Later in the fifties some friends began to call him Jubal. In the seventies he told me of his plan to use Jubal as a stage name as he tried to break into the business. Jubal grew up in a musical family. Both his mother and his aunt played keyboards and his brothers sang and played various instruments. Jubal's family moved outside of Muleshoe Texas in the thirties , and lived down the road from Texas Swing Pioneer Bob Wills . Bob Wills brother Billy Jack Wills, taught Jubal to ride a bicycle and Jubal taught him to ride a horse. There was much musical activity at the Wills house, which made an impression on Jubal. He soon discovered other kinds of music he liked , such as Jazz, Swing, Blues etc. Later on in Jubal's life when he was in the navy, Jubal briefly played up-right bass in a Jazz band on the West Coast, and became friends with Scatman Kruthers who was in the Scatman Trio at that time. This friendship influenced Jubal's future career. Jubal had two brothers, one sister, he married twice, had three sons, two daughters.

He attended the University of Texas in Austin, dropped out, became a carpenter, and lived in Austin during the emergence of what became known as Outlaw Music in the early seventies. At first Jubal had no interest in in performing his songs, and would pass out demo tapes of his songs sung by his son Stan or by T. Gosney Thornton . Jubal would hang around musicians at various venues , with hopes of selling songs to them and with the desire to craft country songs for performers in the Nashville style. At the urging of musicians such as T. Gosney Thornton, Hollis Wayne and his son Dan, Jubal was convinced he could get up and play his songs as well as to sell them to other people. It soon became apparent that with his improving songwriting skills, and lifetime experiences, he could design songs with his own unique style for his own audience. Along with his onstage banter, charisma and ability to have fun, he soon developed his own style of songs as only Jubal could have lived them, and he found musicians willing to adapt to his unorthodox self taught guitar style, such as drummer Ray Ryan and keyboardist Don Ray Houdyshell (both mainstay members till the end). Within a few years Jubal had a local following in Austin as a good performer. His idiosyncratic songs often lasted seven or eight minutes, often encompassing rock and jazz as well as his country based blues and folk influences and soon his songs surpassed the Nashville formula in originality, with subject matter ranging from such diverse themes as trains, Indians, p.m.s, Viet Nam vets and topics like drinking, drugging, women, hard times, good times, tenderness, wildness, sadness and madness, he found an audience outside the mainstream and along with a few other writers became known as a pioneer of what some call South Austin Music. He appeared in several movies such as Honeysuckle Rose and the Red-headed Stranger and more recently Shady Grove. Jubal played Farm Aid 2 and several Willy Nelson Picnics over the years. Jubal got cancer in 1990, and in spite of it managed to enjoy life and wrote hundreds of songs, and performed when he felt up to it. Jubal died in 1997. He was an influence on several musicians and a friend to most that met him.