...New Jubal Clark C.D.("White Rails")
on the Jubaland label...

This new C.D.is the first one on Jubaland records and contains songs from live shows and demos and studio recordings.

...Video of Jubal Clark live, from various shows...

...Jubalfest...an all night bean blowout on Jubal land,with live music from various performers,playing Jubal music.More details coming soon.

The Jubal Clark band will play.

...The ongoing task of digitalizing Jubals tapes and typing his lyrics continues.His writings will be released someday.

...The story of Jubals life is still being written based on interviews with Jubal and his diaries, and thousands of documents in our archives with interviews with Jubals sister,and Jubals family and band members.

This is the official story of Jubals life from the Jubal Clark estate.


...We have more C.D.s ready for release from dozens of sources.stay tuned.

Other artists on the Jubaland label.

Onions...Onions is now celebrating its twentieth year together.

Onions is an abstract group that makes music out of various sound sources.All four twentieth anniversary recordings made within the past year are coming out on C.D.as well as the other fifty or so recordings going back to 1978.


Onions formed in 1978.it didn't officially form but just happened and
was caught on tape and given a name.
Lienad Kralc and Gerg Niac had been doing experimental tapes for years
but when they brought Ladnil Niac into the sessions it produced the
proto type of what would be a series of abstract tapes known as "Onions"
This first tape was call"Do you have any Aluminum?"recorded in 1977 by Gerg,Ladnil and Lienad.
Followed by"Onions One"in 1978,which brought in Htiek Yremogtnom
replacing Ladnil.Htiek came up with the name Onions.

"Onions Two"followed, bringing Ydoj Notted in instead of Gerg Niac
"Onions Three" and "Four" followed and by the time of "Onions Phase Six", the group had grown to six interchangable members,who showed up in various
lineups, to bring new ideas to
each session to hopefully blend new sounds and drive neighbors away.

There are some classically trained musicians in the group as well as
self taught musicians and occasionally non-musicians who contribute to
the Onions sound.,even though the theme and approach of each session changes, one constant rule remains,no structure,no melody and most of all
no rules.So structure does emerge as well as melody at which time other
Onion members are encouraged to drown this intrusion out.
Each session goes through peaks and valleys and finally at the
last few minutes of a session there is a confluence of energy
and purpose and a structure appears, reaches a peak and the band stops or the tape runs out.

Each session lasts an hour or so.No rehearsals.No practice.The only planning is the choice of instruments,and recording decisions.
Its an alien jazz in which the focus is not so much on what you play
but what you dont play.

These original six members did Onion tapes from 1978 until 1985
Gerg Niac,Htiek Yremogtnom,Ydoy Notted,Lienad Kralc,Semaj Dlieftah
Eikcalb Dlopoel, then from 1985 until 1992 no recordings were made
although some Onion like recordings were done without the Onions name.

In 1992 an "Onions" reunion was held,reuniting 5 of the original 6.
That next year more were done and several live shows were performed
and new members such as Mot Grebob and Tsugua Htims were added
and dozens of recordings were made.Ladnil Niac returned in 94,missing since 77.
Onion sessions are small slices of history with no overdubs,with elements of comedy mixed with sounds to send you running for earplugs.

Sound paintings with an emphasis on random splatterings of...
"sound paint".

Onions is not associated with the "Onion Band"of Great Britain
Onions,the Onions logo and all recordings are Copyright 1999 c & p

First there was Lienad doing experimental tapes then he was joined
by Gerg Niac and then Ladnil Niac. (who left in 77,returned in 94.)
All session recordings available on C.D.(earplugs included)
Onions charter members 1978-1985
Lienad Kralc
Gerg Niac
Htiek Yremogtnom
Ydoj Notted
Semaj Dlieftah
Eikcalb Dlopoel

(Members joining after the reunion of 92)
Ladnil Niac (returns as full time member in 1994)
Tsugua Htims (appears to play live shows in 94)
Mot Grebob (joins on several sessions)
Ynnad Elcirim (plays drums on live shows)

....Onions guest performers............
Ilrac Selacs (appeared at live show 1994)
Yhtak Syaek (appeared on session in 1982)
Ecniv Nitram (appeared on session in 1980)
(No brain cells were harmed in the making of these tapes,all toddlers
were of age and no animals bled real blood...Lienad Kralc.

The recordings of the group"Onions"(with personnel and dates)

1.Austin 1975 Lienad Kralc. (A precursor for things coming later in Onions).
2.Early Kralc(71-75) Lienad Kralc(More experiments)(a few guests)
3.Niac and Kralc(76) (A duo is formed.)
4.Niac and;Kralc(76-77)
5.Do you have any Aluminum?(June 77)Niac,Kralc and Niac.
6.Onions One (summer 78)(Kralc,Yremogtnom,Niac)
7.Onions Two(sept 78)(Kralc,Yremogtnom,Notted)
8.Onions Three(may 79)Kralc,Niac,Notted,Yremogtnom)
9.Onions Phase 6 (MAY 1979)... Kralc,Niac,Notted,Yremogtnom,Dlieftah,Dlopoel.)
10.The November 1980 tape(Kralc,Niac,Dlieftah)
11.The Wild Bull Rides Again(12-31-80)(Kralc,Niac,Dlieftah,Yremogtnom)
12.Albino in a Toyshop(winter 81)(Kralc,Niac Dlieftah)
13.Life in the Chair(jan 82)Kralc,Niac Dlopoel,Y. Kralc-Syaek)
14.My Brains Catch em,Catch em(8-31-81)Kralc,Niac,Dlieftah,Dlopoel)
15.My Brains Catch em,Catch em(8-31-81)(the Blackie version)
16.I should crave nothing/Tape is dead(april 85)(Dlieftah and Kralc)
17.I Should Crave Nothing/Tape is dead(the backing track version)
18.Onions Reunion(7-25-92(Kralc,Niac,Yremogtnom,Dlieftah Notted)
19.Onions 93(5-30-93)(Kralc.Dlieftah,Dlopoel)
20.0nions Group live(3-13-94)(Kralc,Nian,Notted,Dlopoel,Htims,Selacs,Elcarim)
22.Static Piano Tape(5-28-94)Kralc,Dlieftah,Dlopoel and the Elcarim Bros.)
23.Wind(Onions live)(9-30-94)Kralc,Niac,Niac,Dlieftah,Dlopoel,Notted...
Elcarim,Htims)(this was onions second live show ever)
25.Sliced Onions(71-94)(slices of sound from previous sessions)
26.0nions Duo(12-31-94)"I am"(Dlieftah and Kralc)
27.Loop-Master(Dlieftah and Kralc)From the 12-31-94,tape.
28.0nions Duo (Dlieftah and Kralc.)("I am")(2-1-95)
29.Loops(nov 1995(71-81) Loops from onions sessions.
32.Whats the Theme Tonight(3-11-95)(Kralc,Niac,Niac,Dlieftah.)
33.Snowman is my Friend(3-18-95)(Kralc,Niac,Niac,Dlieftah)
34.Take the "A" train to the mental home(Dlieftah and Kralc)(july 95)
35.Saturation Overflow(8-26-95)(Kralc.Niac,Dlieftah)
36.Blackie on Wind(sept 95)(Blackies solo tape.)
37.Depression(10-1-95)Kralc and Dlopoel)
38.The Eyelid Session("I am" 3)(oct 1995)(Onions Duo,Dlieftah and Kralc)
39.Thrundlecut/Gerbalspatch(1-19-96)Onions Duo,(Dlieftah and Kralc)
40.Burnt Synapses(3-15-96)(Dlieftah and Kralc)
41.Cousin Gimpy(5-12-96)(Kralc,Niac,Dlieftah,Grebob)
42.Beef Eating Tallow Fuck(spring 1996)"Onions duo)(Dlieftah and Kralc)
43.Sausage Snowman(9-28-96)0nions Duo,Dlieftah and Kralc)
44.Redolfo(Eric Dolby)(12-3-96)(Onions Duo)
45. The Devils Pitchfork(3-15-97)(Kralc,Niac,Dlopoel,Dlieftah)
46.Aluminum 1997(10-11-97)(Kralc,G.Niac,L.Niac,Dlopoel,Dlieftah)
47.Why(No Deviation(march 29th 1998)(Kralc,Niac,Niac)
48-20th Anniversary(L.Kralc,L.Niac,H.Yremogtnom,S.Dlieftah,E.Dlopoel)10-9-98
49.Keys(feb 26 1998(Kralc,Dlopoel,Notted,L.Niac,)
50,Crab Nebula Ahead/Head Nebula a ...Crab.(3-31-99(Kralc,Dlieftah,Dlopoel)






The Killer Vegetables (Clint Cabbage, Clarence Carrot, Peter Potatoe)

Formed in 1971,this group which plays a combination of rock,country and comedy and has written dozens of classic songs,mostly written from the perspective of homicidal irradiated mutant vegetables who have emerged from the garden grown limbs and play an overpowering brand of rock meant to incite uprisings in the vegetable kingdom,until the entire human race is destroyed and the Vegetables reign.

At least thats what their manager claims.in any case their greatest hits C.D. is coming out on our label this time and hopefully we can help them destroy the rest of the human race.Hey if its for a good cause,why not?